"I like idols and talents who don’t put on masks. I like people who feel human and feel close to them." - Shimazaki Haruka

Hi! I'm Mindy or Chimai, whichever you prefer.

I like AKB48. These two lovely and charming people are the loves of my life.

I take GIF and edit requests!


Rock & Roll Mayu. \m/


Why does Nocchi always look so fucking fed up with kyary like look at that side eye

Arashi has 33 consecutive #1 singles

You ever wondered what it’d be like to be Koda Kumi

I never listen to this song without headphones and never play the video if there is anyone else within 50 square feet of me

Was this song banned from the air because if not…

You know what Koda Kumi song makes me really uncomfortable

Never forget.

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