"I like idols and talents who don’t put on masks. I like people who feel human and feel close to them." - Shimazaki Haruka

Hi! I'm Mindy or Chimai, whichever you prefer.

I like AKB48. She is the love of my life.

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You guys will never have to stay up at night wondering what AKB would look like if it was one person.

And no I’m not doing Team 8 do you know how long that would take

I’m gonna do K, B, and 4 next and then mix them together and discover what the ultimate face of AKB48 is

Every New Team A member morphed into one

From Kizaki Yuria's Ameblog - 17\04\2013


A precious post reblog for the OgiYuri Day <3


OgiYuri is indestructible!(・∀・>)

And, once more…
Ogichan, congratulations on your graduation!

It was the first
and last Ogichan’s theatre performance
I watched.

Up until now
I’ve exchanged lots of letters
but it was my first time reading one
in front of an audience so I was very nervous.
(*her letter here)

After joining SKE48,
before I could even notice it
Ogichan was already by my side…

I was able to work hard and come this far
because I shared with her
all the painful, enjoyable,
joyful and frustrating moments.

From now on,
Ogichan won’t be by my side anymore,

The seat next to me
will keep being reserved for Ogichan forever!!!lol

Having met Ogichan in my life
is a real treasure for me.

Thanks for these 3 years and a half of hard work.

OgiYuri is indestructible, you know?

You’re the person I love the most in the Black Hole!!


There’s lots of places we
promised we’d go together (like Kyoto or Hawaii)
so I’m totally looking forward to go there
when I’ll get days off!

When that happens
I’ll definitely tell you
"You know, I went there with her!",


Thank you for
having watched over
OgiYuri until now.


AKB48 140414 BW Gomen ne Jewel (Nattsun, Miyupon, Sayaya, Micha)
15.2th gen KKS Miyabi & Megutan stage debut as backup dancers

Best stereotypically Japanese facial feature: cheek bones

Ugh carpooling to the hospital with my friend is so stressful because I try to play music she might like but it ever works

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